Altra figuraccia internazionale

Bresso, 18 aprile 2012

Dear CIACA President, Mr. Alfons Hubmann
Dear General Secretary Mr. Jean-Marc Badan
Dear Members of the CIACA Commission,
• Mr. Roger Hopkinson United Kingdom
• Mr. Barry Plumb United Kingdom
• Mr. Kjell Franzen Sweden
• Mr. Carlos Trigo Portugal
• Mr. Elain Fecher Germany
• Mr. Christian Teuber Germany
• Mr. Nigel Stevens France
• Mr. Catherine Dartois France
• Mr. Hermann Eigner Austria
• Mr. Knut Brodreskift Norway
• Mr. Jan Frydrych Czech Republic
Dear Sirs,
with this report, the F-CAP wants to inform you about the current situation in which the F-CAP,
the italian federation of amateur-builders, operates.
The AeCI is under the control of a Commissioner since December 2010 and, despite the new statute was
deliberated by the Commissioner sen. Leoni (Resolution # 251 of 02.08.2011 – see Annex 1) the new
statute has never been approved by the competent ministries.
Indeed, by decision of the Council (see Annex 2) it was requested to be reviewed.
Consequently, it should still be considered current and applicable the previous statute, but this does not
happen. The magazines have given wide coverage (see Annex 3)
In fact, all italian Federations were deprived of authority and CCSA (the Commission who was in charge
of coordinating sports events and distribute contributions for the costs) was dissolved.
Now the situation has reached such a ridiculous tone to be taken into consideration by tabloid television
programs (see web link
html) and still reported in aeronautical magazines (see Annex 4).
The current delegates themselves (Maurizio Cheli and Antonio Dentini – we don’t know by whom were
designated), are not the expression of our Federation, indeed are not even our members and have never
participated in amateur constructions according to the procedures that our Federation has agreed with
Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).
Therefore, the Federation CAP dissociates from what may be proposed by such delegates and calls for the
CIACA (and possibly the same FAI) transpose this our declaration and as such, is recorded in the Minutes
of the meeting
In witness,
Alberto Folchini
President F-CAP


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